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Web Development


Ad Free, Analytical, Hack Proof, Modernly Built, Custom Made for Businesses, Clubs, Organizations, Ministries, Blogs, Forums, Profiles, Online Resumes, E-Commerce, and much more!

Graphic Design


Custom Greeting and Business Cards, Logos, Flyers, Brochures, Price Menus, Covers for Books, Magazines and Music Albums. Imagine anything, we create everything!

Compter Repairs


Resurrecting your Apple or Windows devices! Updating, Upgrading, Installing Drivers, Patching Memory Licks, Removing viruses, trojans, adware, spyware, etc. (Local Service Only)


Video Editing


In a Hollywood-esque manner, we will edit your videos and format it for ANY platform! From burning a DVD to optimizing for youtube performance, we got you covered!

Audio Editing


Since sound is the life source of your project, we will edit your audio in a heavenly way. Adding background music, sound effects, echoes, animal sounds and even the perfect narrator!

Screen Cast Recording


Need to capture a step by step tutorial for people to follow that complicated techy stuff? We will récord your presentación making it simple for your viewers to remember.


Business Card Printing


FREE SHIPPING, full custom design, perpetual updates, no upgrade fees and easy reorders are just a few of the benefits you will have for your business cards.

Photo Re-touching


Would you like to keep those precious memories captured for years to come? We will make sure it is stored safe and revitalized so you can keep smiling every time you look at your photos.

English Editing












Pastor EstradaPastor KedeshaAll the way From “Jamdown” and “Chilangoland”, met in NY and married in AZ on Jan 11 of 2013. Our combination of cultures has been an extraordinary experience! Ackee and Salt fish along with jalapeño peppers and tortillas is our fuel as a duo. We present ourselves to you as: THE ESTRADA FAMILY!


Our Passion is to make people’s Dreams a reality, especially those who have never been business owners before. It is exciting and rewarding for us to work with you, equipping and launching you as an entrepreneur to conquer the land that is before you! We will never get tired of seeing your happy faces and dreams fulfilled!


We see many problems in the world today. One of the biggest problems is poverty. It has been destroying homes, marriages, lives and dreams to mention a few. We have learned that poverty is not due to lack of money but due to lack of wisdom so we are here to support you with counseling and to provide you with our skills to make your business a reality and success!




We don’t wish to bill you for what you won’t use. View our full WebDev Price Menu & chose only what you desire.




Our unbeatable flat rate will bring your computer back to life; Apple Computer or Windows Computer, iPhone, Android or Windows phone. Regardless of what operating system your device is, we will boost its power!.



Only $50-$150 per photo, including a lifetime virtual storage. Never again will you have to worry about losing your precious moments.


(They mean: Coming Soon!)



ONLY $150 PER ART WORK!! Logos, Slides, Flyers, Brochures, Music Album Covers, Book Covers, CD and DVD Labels etc. Imagine anything, we create everything!

$30An Hour, all Graphics and
Optimization Included

$30An Hour to edit Audio,
Optimization Included

Need a large quantity of phisical copies? Contact us!



$30 an hour for screen cast recording INCLUDING any Graphics, such as: Progress Bars, Titles, Social Media Themes, Visual Effects, Editing, Exporting etc.

$60For 250 Business Cards,
Color Front & Blank Back


$70For 250 Business Cards,
Color Front & Gray Back


$80For 250 Business Cards,
Color Front & Color Back

 Need More than 250?VIEW FULL MENU


“Ana-Muñoz” “Anas-Way”

Quede muy satisfecha por el trabajo que hicieron, el servicio fue muy eficaz, realmente me gusto y se que puedo contar con ellos para mis siguientes proyectos. Aconsejo que los contraten para que experimenten por si mismos su trabajo!

“Bobby-Brown” “Bgear”

He did a good job programing my computer, he made sure he put care into his work and made the impossible happen!!

“Carlos” “El-Rio-Bakery-Inc.“

El servicio fue muy bueno! Excelente y rápido! Fue muy positivo por que nos ayudaron a hacer los diseños de publicidad para nuestro negocio. A nosotros si nos ayudo mucho y aparte nos auxiliaron con la reparación de nuestra computadora y la dejaron funcionando en buenas condiciones.

“Fernando-Niño” “Walmart”

Pastor Estrada es una gran técnico en computación y les puede ayudar en todo lo que ustedes necesiten. Mi computadora no tenia vida, estaba repleta de virus pero llame al PE, nos vimos le lleve my computadora y el le salvo la vida! De paso a mi tableta también. Lo recomiendo 100% Es una agradable persona te explica paso a paso lo que tenga tu computadora o tu tablet.

“Jared-Babel” “Infinitedge”

The process of getting my graphic work was an easy breezy experience! Mr. Estrada was very cooperative towards the vision of my product.

“Lawrance-Bailey” “LBB-Ministries“

Blessings to all that will be reading this. I would like to say firstly that I thank God for the heart and spirit both Pastor Estrada and his wife, Pastor Kedesha walk in. It has been at least 7+ years that I have known of these two precious vessels of God. But about a year ago Pastor Estrada was the instrument and vehicle that God used to put together an awesome website for me. Now me being a very picky individual, I was not too sure if I was going to get what I desired. Today I can sit here as I am typing this note and tell the entire world from nation to nation that this business, Estradas’s Royal Marketing is the real deal. I endorse his vision 100% and can honestly tell you that you will not be disappointed if you so desire to connect with this awesome man of God. Unlike other website hosts, Pastor Estrada has always made himself available to help in anyway or to answer questions that you may have pertaining to the work he has done for you. Lastly I'd like to say if you have any reservations concerning connecting with this man of God, let it go! You will not be disappointed!! Thank you Pastor Estrada for your unending love and dedication to serving God's wonderful people as well as having a heart for this dying world. Bless you always!
Agape In His & At Your Service,
Lawrence B. Bailey, an apostle of The Lord Jesus Christ

“Norine-Wilson” “Radiant-Places”

Completely blown away...was my immediate reaction to the design for our Church's Valentine event tickets. I fell in love at the crisp, rich and sharp graphic. Though it was just a draft, it fell off the page and was calling for attention! I knew before the final print that it was exactly what I was looking for. Exceptional, amazing customer service and perfect turn around time.

“Taneisha-Clarke” “Poet-and-Writer”

My name is Taneisha Clarke and I am a poet and writer. I recently completed my first book and was blessed with the extraordinary Graphic Design services of Pastor Estrada and Pastor Kedesha Estrada. Upon first glance of the artwork for the book cover, I was completely speechless. There in front of my eyes was the very vision I had seen in my mind... beautifully and graphically designed. The artists poured their hearts and souls into that vision. The services provided were impeccable, five star quality, breathtaking work! Beyond appreciative. The art is a blessing. An additional service of exceptional editing of the book was provided by Pastor Kedesha Estrada. She was able to introduce an abundance of new vocabulary to the manuscript. The editing services enhanced the quality of the material. Beyond blessed to have received the wonderful service.


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